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Award Winning Magnetic Liner and Lashes Set


Easy to use

No Mess


Long Lasting

Smudge Proof

Reusable Lashes (up to 15 wears each)

Cruelty free and vegan friendly


Say goodbye to messy glue and sticky eyes!! This Magnetic Lash kit is all you will need for the perfect flutter! It contains 2 stunning pairs of fluffy faux mink natural magnetic lashes in a luxury mirrored, solid, hangbag size compact. The lashes are handpicked by me to suit ladies who want a more natural false lash but with a bit of glam! These are also perfect for anyone with alopecia or who have lost their lashes through chemo or other treatments to recreate a natural lash. The black magnetic liner comes in a handy size tube and has a small thin brush to help you to easily apply a thin line. The liner is waterproof, long lasting and doesn’t budge! (can be used as a liner on its own too) The lashes are then applied using the provided eyelash tweezers and watch how the lashes cling to the liner making it the easiest application of lashes you will ever try!

You can store your lashes back in the compact and use over and over!



Apply 2 layers of Magnetic Eyeliner allowing to dry in between layers

Use Tweezers to place lashes onto liner as near to the lashline – they will attach easily and connect with magnetic liner

Don’t worry if you apply in the wrong position,  you can easily remove and reposition them (add another small layer of liner if disturbed on removing them )

To remove, simply pull them gently from the outside and replace in the compact for reuse. To remove  the liner you will need to use an oil based cleanser to soak off


Includes 2 pairs of lashes in a luxury mirrored compact, Black Magnetic Liner, Specialised Eyelash Tweezers!


Award Winning Magnetic Liner and Lashes Set

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